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So I ask you. Have you kept the 10 commandments perfectly your whole life?

This question was sent to me by an old colleague who has recently decided to try to point out the error in my ways to to come over to his avoda zara known as xtianity. I keep pointing out how far off he is, and be keeps coming back to try to "explain things to me". I felt that my response to this particular question was worth sharing on this week before Rosh HaShannah.
There is *no* such thing as "The 10 Commandments" in our scripture. That translation is a pure fabrication.

However, to answer the intent of your question: Yes, I do keep G-d's commandments; all of them. I also sin. The two are not in contradiction to each other. G-d, because of His infinite love for us and because of our infinite devotion and love for Him, made an unbreakable covenant with us to be His holy people and a nation of priests. Our receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai was the formal "signing" of th…